Claypole Benefice
Stars that light the way
From the Rector
Christmas is a time of giving and perhaps we could spend just ONE MINUTE each day giving thanks for those ‘stars’ in our lives. Those who have been there when times have been dark and brought a little sunshine, or at times when we have been sad and brought a smile… so perhaps having had someone do that for us we could do that for someone else.

As Christmas draws near and we come to the end of another year it is a good time to think about all those people who have had an impact on our lives for good or ill in 2017. There are those whom we have met who have had a negative impact - perhaps making us feel undervalued or knocked our confidence in some way. But I think for everyone there will have been many who have brought light into our lives – made a positive difference, had a positive impact and been like stars that light our way.
As the wise men followed the star that led their way to the Christ-child they were confident it would lead them to the right place, where they would find the new King. A cattle shed doesn’t sound much like the birthplace of a King but they followed the light of the star and offered their gifts.

As we  move towards the end of 2017 and move to the beginning of 2018 – let us try and bring light into someone’s life. Let us aim to be stars that light someone’s way