Claypole Benefice

Archdeacon Justine’s new book The Resilient Disciple for Lenten study.

Based around the life of St Peter, the five sessions will explore Following, Flourishing, Falling, Faithfulness and Fruitfulness. The book is available from local Christian bookshops or online from SPCK or other booksellers, and videos will be available to watch online with a YouTube link from the SPCK website approximately 10 days in advance of the week of each study
The art of kintsugi (‘repairing with gold’) not only restores
cracked objects but makes them even more beautiful than before.

Alone on an 8-day retreat in the Egyptian desert, Justine Allain Chapman experienced first-hand the physical, spiritual and mental struggle many have endured before her. Our own desert experience may involve attending to challenges that come upon us suddenly – such as an illness or bereavement – or to difficult relationships or patterns of thinking that have long been draining us of life and joy.
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